Smart charging

Electric driving is smart. Even smarter is the way electric cars can be efficiently charged. With Smart Charging we divide up the available limited loading capacity, without drivers ever being aware this is actually happening. This means that no investment is required to reinforce the national grid and charging electric cars will remain an affordable option. At the end of day, this is how we contribute to a reliable grid, whilst continuing to deliver lower prices for the consumer. If your company has more than three charging points and a 100% electric fleet, then Smart Charging will work out even cheaper. With Smart Charging there is no requirement for heavier connections, mitigating any rise in your network costs. Smart Charging technology has been developed by Enexis and will be marketed by its subsidiary Fudura from 2016. In 2015, Enexis will continue to look out for interesting pilot scheme locations where Smart Charging can be tested.
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Enexis has been working on Smart Charging for a number of years: smart charging electric cars is essential to prevent the national grid from becoming overloaded. A protocol has been developed to address this issue: the Open Smart Charging Protocol (OSCP). This protocol describes the common ‘language’ spoken between the grid manager and those who operate cars in a smart manner.

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A range of documentation and background information is available here regarding Enexis and Smart Charging, and includes a position paper and info graphics, as well as a video.

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The Open Smart Charging Protocol (OSCP) will determine the precise content of the messages issued by the grid manager to an operator. This means that everyone will be clear about the requirements for being involved in the smart charging process.

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