Field Tests Mobile Smart Grid – 2009
The project ‘Field Tests Mobile Smart Grid’ (MSG), which took place in 2009, examined whether a single vehicle can be smart charged. This also involved development of a small box for installation in the vehicle, allowing collection of as much data as possible on the charging process, the battery status and the driver behaviour from this perspective, too. Moreover, measurement devices were installed in the electrical substation.

Talking to the vehicle – 2010
An initial step in the development of the smart grid for electric transportation was the pilot project `Talking to the Vehicle’ in 2010. Here Enexis examined the possibilities for communication between the power supply grid, charging stations and electric vehicles. To this end the requisite control and communications equipment was installed in 10 vehicles. Furthermore the local low-voltage grid at the Enexis head office in Rosmalen was prepared for controlled charging and 10 charging stations were installed at this location. These too were provided with control and communications equipment. Following a functional test, this project was concluded by a Charging Day with several electric vehicles, during which the basic principles of the MSG were demonstrated to the public.

Demonstration project Smart Charging – 2011/2012
In the Smart Charging demonstration project, which took place in 2011/2012, the experience gained in earlier projects was used to give a practical demonstration of Smart Charging in a real-life environment. This also included practical use of the market model. The demonstration project involved a practical test of how electric vehicles could be smart charged in a commercial scenario. In contrast to the previous pilot project carried out by Enexis in Rosmalen, this time the charging service provider (Better Place) also played a role as a separate party. The project was funded by the Brabant Development Agency (BOM).

The key results:

  • The world’s first demonstration of Smart Charging in the Enexis car park in Rosmalen
  • Successful practical demonstration in the Paleiskwartier parking garage in ’s-Hertogenbosch
  • Considerable experience acquired with control of charging stations in parking garages
  • First version of a Smart Charging protocol developed
  • Plenty of input provided to the European Smart Charging committees and significant influence exerted on policy
  • Strong media attention, for instance at Ecomobiel in 2011 and (above all) 2012