Enexis has been working on smart charging for electric cars since 2009. This has included:

  • Developing a single worldwide system for controlled charging
  • Developing international standards and protocols for controlled charging
  • Contributing to research into issues concerning privacy and security in relation to controlled charging

Enexis is currently involved in the following smart charging pilot schemes:

  • High Tech Campus (HTC) Eindhoven; The world’s smartest grid: Here, Enexis looks after the ‘intelligence’ behind what makes the grid and the charging docks ‘smart’. By enabling Smart Charging on a substantial scale, sustainable energy can be prioritised on the grid, facilitating the augmentation in the number of electric cars on the HTC, without demanding an equivalent inward investment in the network.
  • ‘Free choice at the charging dock’ pilot scheme: The development in electric mobility demands clarity of administrative handling and, for the consumer, the freedom to choose a product and supplier. This is the principle focus of the project in which Enexis is collaborating with the Province of Noord-Brabant and several service providers. This pilot scheme will make cheaper power available to Electric Vehicle drivers at certain times.
  • Smart Grid In Balance: The aim of this project is to realise a balance between the supply of decentralised sustainable energy sources and the demand for sustainable energy by electric transport in the trial environment. This needs to be achieved as economically as possible and without strengthening the grid.