Enexis is currently preparing its network for a future in which it will be an everyday event to charge electric cars and a world where we return self-generated energy to the grid. Smart Charging will be a part of this sustainable network (smart grid); a network which not only charges electric cars but determines the best moment to do this. Besides being able to charge cars in a smart way, power stations in a smart and sustainable network will be controlled remotely and will have smart meters ensuring that the excess energy generated by these stations (solar and wind) is calculated and fed back on to the grid. 

Practical examples of sustainable networks

  • Your Energy Moment Pilot Scheme; research based in the residential neighbourhoods of Breda and Zwolle to find out the best way for Enexis to set out the energy grid, and to discover the level of interest among consumers in managing their energy use flexibly.
  • Smart Storage (‘Neighbourhood battery’) Pilot Scheme in Etten-Leur; Enexis is the first grid manager to store power on a public network.
  • EcoNexis home; Enexis’s demonstration home in Zwolle, which is already entirely free of fossil fuels and connected to a smart energy grid.
  • High Tech Campus (HTC) Eindhoven: The world’s smartest grid; Here, Enexis looks after the ‘intelligence’ behind what makes the grid and the charging docks ‘smart’. By enabling Smart Charging on a substantial scale, sustainable energy can be prioritised on the grid, facilitating the augmentation in the number of electric cars on the HTC, without demanding an equivalent inward investment in the network.